The Poundshop created their third event, for the christmas season, on the weekend of the December 10-12th within the Super Christmas Market at Somerset House. Having created wrapping papers for their previous two pop up shops, I decided to make it a third and look at making a pattern that was relevant to a christmas theme as a challenge to myself. I took reference from a set of candles that has always been a part of my christmas, particularly to its sounds, kinetics and the flickering shapes amidst silence.

I also wanted to make particular use of the process of screen printing for this paper, and translate the qualities of the object to the paper. The benefits of screen printing for this project are that I can create at low cost special textures, colours and surface quality. This passage of writing by Anni Albers, taken from her book 'On Weaving' was particularly in my mind when working out the design. I hoped to create a hand printed paper that was tactile, where attention would be drawn to the surface texture as well as surface 'matiere'. I always think one of the benefits of screen printing is the way it feels when you run your fingers along its edges, and recent print making work where I have been using relief/embossing, different textured ink (glow in the dark inks) and linework is paying more attention to this quality of the process.

I have a new poster in the editions section of my site, which brings together all the shapes I have been drawing thoughout the last year, where I have been experimenting with new mark making within the confines of a simple task. It is screenprinted in an open edition (artists stamp on reverse) on 100 gsm cartridge paper at A1 size and available for just £20.

I have also recently finished another weaving experiment on my rigid heddle loom, this time exploring a technique called the soumak technique which allows one to integrate line work into the structure. I am looking forward to returning to my weaving course next week where I will continue to learn the many different techniques involved, next I will explore twills, leno and creating structured patterns.

Lastly, I received lately the Fenchurch t-shirt using my graphic I posted about recently and a tote bag I designed for Psychology Press which you can also see on my website now.

Happy 2011


Sally said...

your work makes me happy!
and inspires me to work hard!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah, we have one of those candle sets at home that we get out at Christmas too. Pretty much exactly the same! Your work is looking great :) Fay x