Above is my first complete weaving which measures roughly 35 x 37 cm and uses a mixture of alpaca wool, silk, mohair, and cotton and wool blends. At this early stage I have not been consciously considering design and composition but am focusing on the technical aspects of the process; improving the selvedges, tension and the tapestry technique as well as float patterns. The design is heavily Bauhaus inspired as I have been immersing myself lately in the work of the Bauhaus weavers, whose work I find beautiful as well as their intentions. Perhaps in small sections I am beginning to relate the process to my drawing, but at the moment I am really just interested in understanding the process and developing a sensitivity to the materials.

In other news I am on holiday from 30th August - 20th September so apologies if I do not respond to any emails in this time but there will be no internet where I am going. On the 18th September The Poundshop will be opening its doors again with another round of fine products, it is a great opportunity to buy some beautiful, considered and value-for-money pieces.