I have designed and printed a new poster that is a pair with my previous berlin rooftops inspired repeat design using the same template. These posters are markers for me of 6 months in Berlin and now 6 months in London. Screen printed in black and red as multiples.

I would also like to tell you about a screen print edition that early griffin have produced in their 5th series of one of my drawings from my book Rain day. Although in the book this spread was in black and white, it is fitting for the narrative that it has elements of colour, so I think this screen print is a nice addition to the book. Thank you to Early griffin, who have been really good to work with. Go here if you would like to find out more


I've been working on a print edition for the exhibition 'Turn up the colour' taking place at the end of this month at Analogue Books in Edinburgh. Over the past few months I have been making patterned surfaces on cut up paper and investigating the different textures that can be created through the limitations of mono colour and lines intersecting. This is the first composition I have made from these shapes, but I hope to create a whole series.
The final outcome for the exhibition is a 5 colour edition of 9 screenprints which I have also embossed into. Above you can see me turning up the colour, ho ho.. and below are some details of the print and the processes involved.

SAT 31st JULY - 30th AUGUST
PV 30th JULY 7-9


A new paper created for The Poundshop, which returns this saturday the 17th July at the Shoreditch festival.