New website up, with more to come soon.

Available to buy now, in 3 different colourways, in store at R.Newbold in Japan, or online here.


I am now back in one place and have been looking over some things that happened in this summer.
Above, some screen print accidents which occurred whilst I was printing. The first I find interesting because of the way the crosswords/grids of the puzzles page interacts with my print to encourage the architectural elements. I like that the frustrating rushed moments in the print room can later become the opposite. It reminds me that processes out of one's control are vital.
Similarly in the second I can see how colour could be introduced into these prints in a way I hadn't considered, and this is something I may develop as I work on a riso print edition for Landfill Editions.

In Berlin earlier this summer I went to Boxhagener Platz Fleamarket and after innocently poking my nose into a box, found myself being sold the following by an elderly german woman who wouldn't take nein danke for an answer. However I found these old woven coasters very beautiful and wondered what I could do with it all, so I had a go at weaving in a different way, the experiments are a little crude in their execution but it led me to some observations that I think I wouldn't have got at for a long time if I hadn't done it.

And today I began my weaving course at Greenwich Community College which also teaches spinning and tapestry, it also looks like there could be the opportunity to do rug weaving too, so I am excited about everything I will learn.

Almost 2 years ago I sold this design to Fenchurch to use as a tshirt graphic, now it is released.Available here.
Also here is the jacket for which my all over print geometric rooftop pattern was used as a jacket lining. But this is the first and last you'll see of it, as the big bosses in Japan decided the cut of the jacket was not right. But it was great to see the application of my work.

Over the summer I read some really good books, but I'd especially like to recommend The Thinking Hand by Juhani Pallasmaa. It looks at things from an architectural point of view but I think it has so many interesting ideas that relates to any artist, craftsperson, designer etc. I wish it had been on my reading list at university so I would especially recommend it to students or those involved in education.

'Knowledge becomes useful for a creative endeavour when it is forgotten after it has turned into an ingredient of one's body and personality. The moment of looking at the world or at a specific task as if neither had been encountered before, that is the creative instant and frame of mind'.


Above is my first complete weaving which measures roughly 35 x 37 cm and uses a mixture of alpaca wool, silk, mohair, and cotton and wool blends. At this early stage I have not been consciously considering design and composition but am focusing on the technical aspects of the process; improving the selvedges, tension and the tapestry technique as well as float patterns. The design is heavily Bauhaus inspired as I have been immersing myself lately in the work of the Bauhaus weavers, whose work I find beautiful as well as their intentions. Perhaps in small sections I am beginning to relate the process to my drawing, but at the moment I am really just interested in understanding the process and developing a sensitivity to the materials.

In other news I am on holiday from 30th August - 20th September so apologies if I do not respond to any emails in this time but there will be no internet where I am going. On the 18th September The Poundshop will be opening its doors again with another round of fine products, it is a great opportunity to buy some beautiful, considered and value-for-money pieces.


I have designed and printed a new poster that is a pair with my previous berlin rooftops inspired repeat design using the same template. These posters are markers for me of 6 months in Berlin and now 6 months in London. Screen printed in black and red as multiples.

I would also like to tell you about a screen print edition that early griffin have produced in their 5th series of one of my drawings from my book Rain day. Although in the book this spread was in black and white, it is fitting for the narrative that it has elements of colour, so I think this screen print is a nice addition to the book. Thank you to Early griffin, who have been really good to work with. Go here if you would like to find out more


I've been working on a print edition for the exhibition 'Turn up the colour' taking place at the end of this month at Analogue Books in Edinburgh. Over the past few months I have been making patterned surfaces on cut up paper and investigating the different textures that can be created through the limitations of mono colour and lines intersecting. This is the first composition I have made from these shapes, but I hope to create a whole series.
The final outcome for the exhibition is a 5 colour edition of 9 screenprints which I have also embossed into. Above you can see me turning up the colour, ho ho.. and below are some details of the print and the processes involved.

SAT 31st JULY - 30th AUGUST
PV 30th JULY 7-9


A new paper created for The Poundshop, which returns this saturday the 17th July at the Shoreditch festival.


Above is a screen print test for some cd artwork I am working on for a london based musician. The artwork is a development of a narrative that has been circulating my mind for a long time now, that I began to explore in a zine I made a while ago called first waves then clouds and this music drew me back to some of the ideas within that series of drawings.

The image is supposed to be misregistered, to suggest a mirage, so this is actually a mistake. However it makes no sense. The lions are inspired by a passage from the old man and the sea by hemingway that sticks with me. I am trying to add a freer line to my drawing, because normally everything is quite controlled, but I really like the idea of contrasting areas of dense pattern and structure with more spontaneous loose observational drawing.

The first 3 layers on the rack

I have also received a strike off of my design that R Newbold/Paul Smith are using in their autumn/winter collection as a jacket lining. I have seen a sneak preview of the jacket, and I'm really impressed with the designer's application of my work, its been great working with them.

A really good friend of mine recently suggested that my recent pattern work would lend itself well to the process of weaving, and so I have been spending a great deal time researching and exploring this process. I made the leap to buy a loom and have since been getting to grips with weaving. Below are my first samplers, just exploring plain weave, float patterns and using multiple heddles (layers). It took me 5 hours straight to thread the warp the first time I used 2 heddles, so although its frustrating being a complete beginner at such a new process, I'm really enjoying learning, and experimenting.

Thank you sally for all your help

Most of my time is currently being spent on personal work that I'm not showing on this blog, but if you would like to visit my studio and see what I'm working on, please get in touch. My studio is reached by a beautifully long quiet riverside cycle route where you almost won't feel the white noise of London.


Some screenprint experiments I have been working on from a very unlikely inspiration.


A while ago I posted on this blog a pattern I had created of geometric rooftops inspired by my time in Berlin. I had wanted to cut them up and rearrange the shapes, so I have used the opportunity of the Poundshop project to create a pattern doing so. The possibilities of compositions that could be created using these elements was in my mind as I was making it and it was quite overwhelming to make decisions, but afterall..I thought just make something and have fun, so here we are. I am about to deliver it to the poundshop now, I have made 50 papers and a fair few lions. I realised today it was a whole year since I saw the wild lion that I have made the print about, he sent shivers down my spine, I will never forget the feeling of driving for hours looking for lions and then spotting one so close and so suddenly. Although my drawing will never ever capture truly the magnificence of the animal, I hope it at least signifies some of
that moment to you. Or as garth would say I just hope you don't think it sucks.
I'm beginning to get rooftop eyes, next I'm thinking of swimming pools, fires and chases.


I am taking part in a pop up shop happening next week on Hoxton St called The Poundshop which is a project by Household and Sara Melin. I am making 2 products, one of which is some screenprinted lion postcards which I printed yesterday...here they are above before being cut. I will reveal the other product this weekend if all goes to plan in the printroom this friday!

I had a good time in the studio over the weekend, finally setting up my animation stand to do some experiments whilst my brother tried out his letterpress letters and made some brilliant posters (and one for me too- thanks si!)


I reprinted 40 posters/paper today in my new studio and at the end to get rid of the ink printed some odd bits of newsprint achieving the above results. Its great when mistakes make you see something with fresh eyes and get you thinking of new images. The last one here suddenly got me thinking of italian piazzas from above and also all the shapes that could be created looking down on a city/town.
Anyhow the posters in this superhero palette will be on sale at a show opening tomorrow night at Superette on sclater st (off brick lane) called 'All my friends are designers, illustrators, printmakers etc'..6- 9pm for just £5 along with many other nice things, i'm sure spirits will be high after such a sunny week, so come along.