Below: Drawing in progress from initial sketch I posted a few weeks ago. The final image has some colour to it, but I'll leave it to the magazine to show you that.

Above: Some recent cuttings of patterns that I am making.

I am working on a number of things at the moment, all with very short time frames...should be interesting...? I am doing an animation which I haven't done in over 2 years and I have no animation equipment at the moment so it will be an experiment.
Next time I write it will be from my new studio.


i've been asked to create an image on the brief 'happiness is...' this week. Here are two ideas I have been thinking about and had a go at trying to express. The first is to do with the feeling of happiness of waking up in the morning excited about the day ahead, everything stretching out before you as if you can experience the goodness of what is to come before it is there. Also the sensory that you first come into contact with when you open your eyes, the sunlight pouring in, the breeze blowing and the sight of nature and how that can take you far away from your own four walls and all its preoccupations, momentarily. Also waking up with new ideas,imagination taking over, happy to spend the day drawing.

the other is do with something that happened recently. unpacking after a very long journey from berlin i was trying to make sense of the final bag full with wires, papers and all the nonsense of my life I had crammed in last minute when leaving my flat, I found a letter from someone in Berlin who had secretly placed it there for me to read, I was taken aback and overwhelmed with human kindness and happiness in the people I have around me.

development of these to come.

rain day is now sold out, thank you to everyone that bought a copy.