Earlier in the summer I visited the barns in Wales for which I am to create some weavings for. On this trip primarily gathering imagery to what I am instinctively drawn to; realising it takes a great deal of seeing and observing and experiencing a place in order to try to create something that can exist amongst it. More soon.

I was pleased to be commissioned by Unico, a popular chain of interiors stores in Japan, to produce two screen print editions for their autumn/winter collection.

See here for more, and below are some photos of the prints on the shop floor. It's been great to work with Unico and many thanks to my japanese agent Arlequin for their great organisation in this quick turnaround project.

Some of my prints have also been exhibited over the last year in some exhibitions in some really interesting locations in Japan. Many thanks again to Arlequin.

Photos courtesy of Arlequin.