Above is a screen print test for some cd artwork I am working on for a london based musician. The artwork is a development of a narrative that has been circulating my mind for a long time now, that I began to explore in a zine I made a while ago called first waves then clouds and this music drew me back to some of the ideas within that series of drawings.

The image is supposed to be misregistered, to suggest a mirage, so this is actually a mistake. However it makes no sense. The lions are inspired by a passage from the old man and the sea by hemingway that sticks with me. I am trying to add a freer line to my drawing, because normally everything is quite controlled, but I really like the idea of contrasting areas of dense pattern and structure with more spontaneous loose observational drawing.

The first 3 layers on the rack

I have also received a strike off of my design that R Newbold/Paul Smith are using in their autumn/winter collection as a jacket lining. I have seen a sneak preview of the jacket, and I'm really impressed with the designer's application of my work, its been great working with them.

A really good friend of mine recently suggested that my recent pattern work would lend itself well to the process of weaving, and so I have been spending a great deal time researching and exploring this process. I made the leap to buy a loom and have since been getting to grips with weaving. Below are my first samplers, just exploring plain weave, float patterns and using multiple heddles (layers). It took me 5 hours straight to thread the warp the first time I used 2 heddles, so although its frustrating being a complete beginner at such a new process, I'm really enjoying learning, and experimenting.

Thank you sally for all your help

Most of my time is currently being spent on personal work that I'm not showing on this blog, but if you would like to visit my studio and see what I'm working on, please get in touch. My studio is reached by a beautifully long quiet riverside cycle route where you almost won't feel the white noise of London.


Sally said...

oh my hannah i'm so impressed with everything!
three great leaps of excitiment in one go.

Unknown said...

Very very inspiring!

Amazed at your weaving. It looks so professional already. xxx

Yoli said...

Wonderful blog and this is very inspiring indeed.

andyforshaw said...

Man Hannah,

These are very RAD indeed.


Peter Nencini said...

Hannah these look fantastic; a logical and inspiring step from your drawings. Like your work very much. I showed at the first Poundshop and enjoyed / bought your screenprint.